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Short Stay in Sendai, Miyagi, Japan

The apartment rental contract is for two years period.
The landlaw request a tenant to rent an apartment for at least two years.

If your stay is less than two years, there are so called "monthly apartment", "furnished apartment" or either called "sharehouse" is available for you.
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How is an Apartment equipped?

Apartment room is not furnished.
No furniture, No curtain, sometimes No gas cooktop.

What is a initial cost?

Apartment rentai inital cost idea.

summery ammonut
Rent for the comming month
Shikikin(deposit) 0-3month equivalent Repairing fee deductable
Reikin(key money) 0-2month equivalent Non refundable
Tesuryou(realtor fee) 1month equivalent
Insurance depends
Guarantor fee if needed 0.5-1month equivalent


Short Stay in Sendai

If your stay is shorter than two years, click here

Long Stay in Sendai

If your stay is longer than two years, click here